Themen Englisch

In diesem Bereich findet ihr Materialen und Hilfen zu den Themen den Englischunterrichts in NRW.

Schüler – Links und Material

Bluffer’s Guides to English Abitur in NRW Bluffer’s Guide to Mediation (Abitur Part B) Alle Jahrgangsstufen Englisch Grammar Online: Grammatik lernen und üben English Grammar Guide KiCo4u – Kids Corner for English English Daily Free English Tests Common Mistakes Grammar Reference (ESL by Englische Grammatik erklärt (vom L. Kissinger) deutsch-englisches Wörterbuch LEO Zweisprachiges Wörterbuch …

Handouts for students

(Materielien Download) The writing of comments Rhetorical and stylistic devices (American Rhetoric) How to analyse or write argumentative texts The writing of summaries The writing of characterizations Little words and connectives Stylistic devices List of frequent mistakes How to approach a poem systematically Correction of obstinate mistakes (Liste um seine Fehler zu reduzieren) Fehlerliste Oberstufe …


The USA – The American Dream then and now  (Materialien Download) Amercian Traumas– a project by my Adv. Course 13 (under construction) on Portfolio 13.1. Portfolio Assignment: Martin L. King: I have a Dream, August 28, 1963 in front of Lincoln Memorial, Washington D.C. The American Dream: One concept – many approaches, copy of: The …

The United Kingdom

Multicultural Britain and migration (Materialen Download) The enemy within – The Sunday Times, August 13, 2006 Multiculturalism – a recipe for racism – The Guardian, May 29, 2001 How immigrants have changed the face of British society – Introduction World and Press Special Varying fortunes of Britain’s immigrant classes – The Independent, June 12, 1996 …


(Material Download) India (An Introduction) powerpoint presentation constantly updated (1,3 MB) Women in India The Indian Caste System Bollywood Country Profile of India by the BBC The World Factbook about India by the CIA National Portal of India by the Indian government


(Materialien Download)

Global Challenges – Globalisation

(Materialien Download) Global conflicts – Global solutions (Info sheets NATO, UN, WTO etc.) Arbeitsblätter LK 12 climate change and global warming Rano Chhatwal: Changing Present (summary and answers to questions)

Utopia and Dystopia – exploring alternative worlds

(Materielien Download) Genetic Engineering Genetic testing of embryos raises ethical issues (CNN Medical Unit, 27 June, 2001) + worksheet The challenges of scientific progress (worksheet) Glossary of Genetic terms Selection of embryos is on the rise for couples (NYT, 4.9.2006)

Tongue twisters

Arthur and his father They rode from south to north The length and breadth of England To reach the Firth of Forth Then they raced each other northwards For all that they were worth And father reached Midlothian As Arthur stopped in Perth   ************************** Pink Elephants   Don’t think about Pink Elephants, Don’t think …


Links: Online Writing Lab – Handouts and Materials for Students and Teachers TOEFL-Prep Writing Practice Site ego4U (Schreibschule – Englische Texte schreiben) und Fehleranalyse Good Essay Topics Essay Info FCE Teaching Resources (Writing Paper) (Developing Writing Skills)

Short Stories about Globalisation by LK13

Here you will find the short stories written by my students dealing with globalisation. As there are hardly any stories concerning globalisation we have decided to write some ourselves. Enjoy. The Last Chance by Monika Short story by Regina A Small World by Trang Traffic by Giray Good Luck, Bad Luck by Laura Decision Makers …

Short Stories by GK Q2

Burning Destiny by Laura The Monster by KatrinR Marie by JanineV You can’t work here by Cynthia Child labour by Lisa Basuco by Tatjana Susi in Trouble by Natasa Forced Smile by Bianca On the Bus by Katharina All or Nothing by Mehmet Here I am by JanineD House of Sunshine by Cansu It is …